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Do you know the difference between asking a foreign relative to buy you a Samsung Smartphone and then bring it to Perú in his vacations, rather than buying it directly at a Peruvian RadioShack store? Maybe nothing, because apparently in both cases you won’t have a Samsung warranty certificate that actually works in your country, so you would have to put your confidence in the technical service of a third party company. That´s what I´ve learnt this year in a tough way.

Two months ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 feeling confident about the company´s reputation, but I was sadly surprised when the smartphone started to fail at playing videos (streaming and recorded) being impossible to watch among all the lines, blinks, and flickers that invaded the screen.  This malfunction is intermittent so I decided to give my device to RadioShack’s technical service at Salaverry Avenue. A week later, they wanted to give me back the S4 with a report that said something like: the device is ok, replace the Micro SD.

Before I accept it back, I asked the technician to explain me:
  1. How does the Micro SD could be the cause, if YouTube videos that run from streaming also failed?
  2.  If, by protocol, RadioShack`s technical service accepts the smartphones without Micro SD, how do they concluded that an object that wasn´t physically present during the evaluation was definitely the origin of the problem?

Only with this two question the technician became mute, because he had no idea about how to justify his report. What he did immediately, was to retain the smartphone so they could do a whole new second evaluation, this time labeled as URGENT, and for the exactly same original problem: “failure playing videos.”

A week later, on Monday 11 08 14, I left my office to bring back my smartphone from technical service as the technician Christian Muñoz told me to do. It was a disappointing situation, the receptionist didn´t know anything about my S4, she called the technician and he told her that he didn´t work yet in my device, so the “URGENT” label was just some letters in a piece of paper. I have more than two weeks paying a cellphone and data bill that I couldn´t use, and nobody is going to pay me back the money and time that I´ve lost. I told the receptionist that I don´t believe anymore in RadioShack ´s devices and services, so at least I need a device replacement.  She told me that she couldn´t do anything without the technician approbation, but that also she couldn´t secure an exactly date.  I asked for the manager, but the stuff told me that he wasn´t going to attend me, so I left my complaint at the “Libro de Reclamaciones” (a legal book where costumers write their claims) asking for a refund. Worst technical, maybe-it's-done-this-week, service experience.

Update 1 (12-08-2014): Alejandro Madrid, from costumer service called me today. I decided to let him talk, so I can understand what they were thinking. He told me that is not that he “don´t believe me” but, RadioShack wants to do a third evaluation of the S4 this time with the Micro SD and the mobile charger (apparently for technical service stuff, the mobile chargers can produce all those lines when you watch YouTube videos ¿?). The second thing Mr. Madrid told me, is something nobody informed me the day I bought the smartphone: mobiles that RadioShack sells at their stores don´t have the Warranty Certificate from the original company that own this products, because they buy it directly from USA, so technical service and the certificate are both from RadioShack.  

Update 2 (08/12/2014): The manager of the service area of RadioShack, Sandro Calderon, has contacted me to explain the chain of events that led to this situation. He explained the steps taken to ensure product quality assuring he will take action if the respective failures replicate the same way at both product and organizational level. Patient under observation.

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